Simple Promises

We keep it simple. Action Marketing Research is in the business of designing, conducting and analyzing custom survey research in support of better marketing decision making. We offer you:

  • booksA passion for relevance to decision makers
  • Insight shaped by deep immersion in marketing, behavioral and social science
  • The imagination to address each new business issue with fresh eyes
  • A spirit of collaboration

Problems and Solutions

While we have addressed a wide range of business issues over the years, a few are central to our practice.

Marketing IssuesResearch Solutions
How best to configure a product or service to compete effectively? Where would it take volume from?Discrete Choice Modeling is a core area of our expertise. We've used it for 25 years. An easy-to-use preference simulator is a standard deliverable.
We have a long list of possible messages/taglines/ claims, etc. and need to pick a few to move forward with.The conjoint method known as "Max/Diff" is a very effective tool for setting priorities.
We need to choose a final positioning or messaging strategyWe find that a carefully-designed test with a limited number of metrics provides clear guidance. Forced choices are often critical.
How is our brand holding up in the market? Where should we put our marketing dollars to stay competitive?Brand tracking is a staple of our field but we approach it with fresh eyes.
Will this new product idea fly? New product development is risky but we can improve your batting average. How large is the pool of prospective buyers? Who are they? What are their hot buttons?

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