A Simple Promise

Research You Can Use: That was the promise we made to clients the day we opened our doors in 1993. It made sense then and makes sense 20 years later. What marketers need from research more than anything else is support for making good decisions. Of course it has to be timely and accurate, but unless the research is wrapped in a coat of context it will not serve its purpose.

Today Dr. Paul Riedesel serves selected major companies, advertising agencies and marketing consultants. He brings with him more than 30 years of experience in quantitative marketing research. 30 years teaches you a great deal more than can be learned from textbooks or software manuals. A critical eye. The confidence to push back on dubious assumptions. Wisdom from all the behavioral sciences.

Action Marketing Research has worked in a number of practice areas, but we claim special competencies in:

We're not for everyone. But we might be right for you.